How to hide the front camera on the Galaxy S10?

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is on everyone's lips right now. Its elegant and futuristic design draws a lot of attention. In this opportunity, we will explain how to hide the front camera on the Galaxy S10 using a digital black bar. It is easier than you think!

Many like the way the front camera looks on the Galaxy S10 screen, but others not so much. Either way, Samsung has included a feature that allows you to hide it whenever you like. You do not have to download an application or anything like that, everything is done by configuring the mobile.

This is how the front camera is hidden in the Galaxy S10

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Press the gear icon at the top to access settings.
  • Tap Show.
  • Tap Full screen apps.
  • Choose the Hide front camera option.

After completing all those steps, a black bar will cover the top of the screen and hide the front camera when you use any application in full screen. The screen will look normal when you are at startup, but as soon as you open an application in full screen the black bar will appear.

Should you really do this?

You already know that you can hide the front camera whenever you want, but this does not bring any benefit to the operation of the mobile. Rather, the futuristic aesthetic is disrupted and a certain number of pixels are no longer used on the screen. In the same way, it is something very simple to do so you can try it without problems.

If you have the new Samsung flagship in your possession, we also invite you to see this tutorial that explains how to take screenshots on the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e.

And you, are you going to hide the front camera of your S10?

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