How to Fix Snapchat front camera if it is not working well or correctly

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Having trouble taking pictures with your smartphone? Do they only get a black screen when you use Snapchat front camera to take a picture? Normally, when the front camera Snapchat does not work, problems occur with the phone camera. Many people have this problem and want to know how to fix it, but, unfortunately, are no method 100 percent to solve this problem because there are a lot of causes that can lead to this problem, such as problems with hardware and software . Here are possible causes and solutions on how to fix if Snapchat front camera is not working and get your Smartphone camera to start working again properly.

Reset phone

Simply turn off the phone for 10 seconds and then back on and check your camera. This software reset can solve problems related to minor software. If you have not yet done this, try it.

Traction battery

Remove the battery from your phone when lit for 10 seconds. This method is another type of soft reset and will not cause the loss of all data. If the phone has a removable battery option, this method can help solve the problem of the camera. But if the battery of your phone is not able to be removed, then you can move this method and go see another solution with phone applications.

Remove all  third camera applications 

Only uninstall all camera applications you have downloaded to your phone. Installing applications third chamber may be the cause of the problem because your phone may have received an update to its software, while the application developer could not have updated their applications yet.

Uninstall other applications

If you removed all third party camera applications, but its front camera phone still does not work, then you might try to think of the applications you've downloaded or updated all the time that this issue began to occur and uninstall it.

Misapplication can be a villain for the phone to work properly and cause many problems. Once you have uninstalled all applications, restart your phone by turning it off, counting for 10, and then on again. You can remove the battery if the phone allows you to make sure your phone has been reset.


If you have cleaned all applications and the phone still displays a black screen, then you have to use a hard way and this is the best way to solve the problem of the camera. All you need to do is perform a full backup of your phone, saving all your important information anywhere else and start formatting. To format your phone, you will find the "delete all user data" or something like this on your phone, run it and start erasing all your data. If it is a software error, virus or fails, then the format of your phone should fix the problem.

Hardware Problem

Having done all the above methods, but the camera still does not work, then the cause could be hardware malfunction; for example, the actual camera does not work properly.

As we come to this, you can try to repair your phone yourself. But if you do not have confidence in their own abilities to repair, take it to a local repair shop and have someone who repaired it may be a better option.

Simply do a search online and find a local repair shop. It might be a little expensive, but you will not cost as much as repairing your broken phone. Phone repair itself can cause damage to telephony devices; therefore, pay more. Just let the professionals and get the phone back in perfect condition.

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