What if the computer does not recognize our smartphone

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What if the computer does not recognize our smartphone

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Every day, many of us connect our smartphone or tablet to your computer to perform a multitude of actions . Rooting your device, transfer files, install new updates ... All these actions and many more are those that can make connecting your phone to the PC via USB but what if your computer does not recognize the phone?

This is a very common problem among users who connect their devices to the PC . In the case of file transfer there are always alternatives like the famous AirDroid already discussed some time ago in Rooting**, but in case you want to update or root the phone can not resort to these methods so it is necessary to connect the device through USB .

If your PC does not recognize your device and you do not know what to do, here are four solutions that shall solve your connection problem in most cases .

USB debugging

To perform most tasks on the computer from which we discussed above, we will need that option is enabled USB Debugging on your terminal. To verify this , we access Settings> Developer Options and confirm that the option Enable USB debugging is enabled.

If you do not have access to the menu developer, you have access to Settings> About device and repeatedly press box Build number . Then you will see a small window will warn you already are adeveloper.

Packages of drivers and Samsung Kies

Before connecting your phone to your computer it is very important that the drivers or device drivers are installed. If you have not yet, you must enter the website of the phone manufacturer or perhaps look on your own .

If you have a Samsung device, you must have the Samsung Kies program installed for it to install the drivers necessary to run. You can download it from their website, but remember, only for Samsung devices.

Enhanced Host Controller

In some cases, the configuration of the USB port that is connected to the phone may be the connection problem. To fix this, activate the option to host improved, which will help us solve the connection problem if we have a problem with the driver.

1.From our PC, we will go to Team.

  1. Once here, we will right click and select Properties .

  2. In the floating window, we will access the tab Hardware .

  3. Hardware menu arrived, we will give Device Manager.

  4. We 'll wait until it comes out the list and look for the Controller Universal Serial Bus .

  5. Once located, right click and give Controller host improved .

  6. If this option is disabled, Enable it.

Set type of device

If you did not work any of the above options, you may recognize the computer if the device but not know identify . In that case, we will have to manually set an identification of the unknown device.

  1. Will access the menu Remove hardware safely .

  2. In this menu, we can see our device listed as unidentified . We select and access Properties .

  3. The computer will indicate that you need to install the driver. To do this, click Change settings of the device .

  4. A popup window will warn us that we must reinstall or update the driver. We will give here and ask us how we do the process automatically or manually.

  5. Will click on the second option and we ask you to choose the type of device. We will select the USBand automatically to read the device driver is installed.

We hope that some of these solutions will be useful to solve your connection problem . If you know any other solution to this problem, compartidla with us in the comments.