My GPS does not work (it was the case)

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asked Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
The mobile catches me 5G, I activate the location, I turn on the Maps, it locates me and, when I start walking, it doesn't move. Total, that I happened to the Waze and the same: it locates me, but when I move it does nothing and also there I get a message of "No GPS signal. Showing approximate location".

I have tried everything: remove the optimized battery saving mode and put it on "high performance", give permanent location permissions to Google, Maps and Waze (I had them in "only when in use"), I have restarted the mobile. Of everything.

But nothing, this is not moving. I have gotten to where I had to go by fluke and more stressed than a dog over a plate of hot food.

So nothing, you know what can happen? Does the location work well for you?

A greeting!

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answered Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
Ehmm, I just did a test and, taking the mobile out of the car window, it seems that if it catches a signal, but I put it back inside and the Waze tells me again that there is no GPS signal ...

Can the coverage of this phone really be so pathetic ?? I had read something about it not having dual GPS or I know and I thought it would be trivial. But come on, my LG G4 from 5 years ago, or my Nokia N8 from 10 years ago connect better has a crime.

Neither camera nor stories. This is a reason that can make me return it.
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
Ok, new test.
It looks like it may be the cover I have put on it. A Caselogy Parallax of those, which has a kind of metal frame.

It seems that without it it connects better. I'm going to try my luck, see if I can get back home ...
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by snoer
In my house, it is to turn it on and it positions me, and in about 20 or 30 seconds with an error of 6 or 7 meters, it is a last floor, it does not give any problem
commented Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
Nothing, confirmed. It was the cover.
On the way back I have removed it and it has taken me normally.

Well go with Caseology. Take this into account if you buy it, it blocks the GPS signal.

Now I put a notice in my Amazon comment.
commented Dec 4, 2020 by ghor
Well, I have it among the candidates. It gives me that this problem is ruled out. Thank you!
commented Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
Well, yes, it is a cucumber with a cover and it protects very well ... but it is a VERY big mistake. I because I already have it and I will have to remove it every time I navigate (which by the way, is so tight that it costs a lot to remove the mobile).

Because I threw the box, if I don't discard it.
commented Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
If you bought it on Amazon, I can exchange it even if you don't have the box. What happens to me is that the compass does not keep the calibration and I do not know what it is due to ...
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by pardo
Maybe you already tried it but in settings there is an option called "Improve precision" I have always had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activated on all my phones, when deactivating them I lose my location or I was not there.
And the same with "google location precision"
commented Dec 4, 2020 by anonymous
Yes Yes. I have both options enabled. It is the case, which has a metallic edge and should make interference.
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answered Dec 4, 2020 by sdsd
It is normal that the GPS is not so accurate ...
This mobile does not have dual GPS ...

In x areas that will always happen to you ...
And with updates that is not solved unfortunately

I recommend that you look for information on what is the use of having dual GPS on your mobile
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