How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

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  1. In order to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G, press the Volume Down Button and power button at the same time and  (Volume Down and Power).
  2. You will see the screen flash for a moment and you will hear a distinctive sound.
  3. Go to the gallery in the pack Screenshots are saved all the pictures taken in this way.

You can also install an additional application for creating screenshots, such as Screenshot.
The custom firmware, the function of making screenshots is often found in the Power menu, though it must be pre-activated in the settings. After activating the setting, make a screenshot you can press the Power button and selecting the appropriate item from the menu.

These instructions are for creating screenshots applicable to most Android smartphones and tablets.

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method to take screenshot

1. Go to the page on which you want to take a screenshot.
2. Press and hold Volume Down and Power button simultaneously.
3. The screenshot will be captured.

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