How to backup Samsung Galaxy A10

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How to backup Samsung Galaxy A10

Recently we talked about the importance of the Samsung Galaxy A10 hard reset. Certainly in the early days it will not be necessary given that the device is still very new. However, as the months and years pass, the continuous saving of multimedia files and application data may weigh heavily on the smartphone.

In this case a factory reset will improve the performance of the phone. It should however be taken into account that the procedure will delete all the data on the device. For this reason we at will explain you how to backup your Samsung Galaxy A10.

Galaxy A10 backup from settings

  • From the Home search and stop on Settings;
  • Enter in Account and backup> Backup and restore;
  • Select "Data backed up";
  • Choose the types of data you want to save;
  • Click on "Backup" and wait for the operation to finish;
  • Resume using your Galaxy A10 now.

Galaxy A10 Backup with Smart Switch

  • Download Smart Switch from this link and install it on your Windows or Mac computer;
  • Open the program and wait for it to load;
  • Connect Galaxy A10, via cable supplied, to your computer;
  • Wait for the smartphone to be recognized;
  • Click on "Backup";
  • Grant the Android permissions requested on the smartphone by pressing "Grant";
  • Wait for the backup to finish;
  • Under the summary page of the elements of the backup press "OK";
  • Resume using your Galaxy A10 now.

That's all. The guide on how to backup Samsung Galaxy A10 is finished. If you are experiencing difficulties or have simple questions do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a message in the comments box below.

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