How to create Polygen Screen Wallpaper for Android

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asked May 14, 2016 by heman (58,880 points)
How to create Polygen Screen Wallpaper for Android

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answered May 14, 2016 by heman (58,880 points)

Everyone likes funds polygonal screen, and thanks to this interest there areseveral applications that help us find one perfect for us , and even generate to our liking. This is the case of the polygen application, which is one of the most outstanding thanks to its many options.

Polygen uses a unique algorithm to generate funds polygonal screen randomly , even offering the ability to generate based on a photograph that we draw or have lodged in the memory of our Android. It also allows us to tailor the size of the wallpaper to the device you're using, the MacBook 13 and 15 inches or the size of the covers of Facebook, Google+, Twitter or YouTube.


The application also offers multiple options for generating unique wallpapers and to our liking.Options such as being able to select the size of the polygons, choose up to five colors that we want to use, and determine the dynamics and progression of colors.

Polygen Wallpaper Generator is a free application , but has the disadvantage of always annoying advertising popup that, despite not being overly annoying, occasionally can break our dynamic creation. Developers should perhaps consider a paid version without advertising, after all, if the application is good not so difficult to divest a euro to enjoy a better experience.

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