How to calibrate my galaxy prime core phone

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asked May 13, 2017 by anonymous

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answered May 18, 2017 by osky (4,750 points)

Method 1: general

The first method is pretty generic and simply need our mobile and charging cable.

  1. Charge your mobile with a wall charger and the terminal on.
  2. When is loaded to 100% disconnected from the wall and turn off the phone.
  3. Off we go back to plug it into the wall until mark a 100% load.
  4. When reaches 100% turn it on and use as normal until it turns off completely.
  5. When you run out of battery and plug it goes back to the charger d epared until it reads 100%.

Method 2: With the app CurrentWidget: Battery Monitor without Root

If the first method does not work we can try this app.

  1. We consult our battery capacity. We can see in the box, the official website ...
  2. CurrentWidget downloaded: Battery Monitor Google Play Store.
  3. Activate the widget like any other widget in Android.
  4. Mobile charge until the widget tell us that is 100% and the mA look that tells us.
  5. By unchecking the same amount of mA indicating the box or leave it plugged manufacturer until you check.
  6. When dial restart the phone.
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