how to change ip address on iphone

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asked Feb 25, 2017 by emma

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how to change ip address on iphone

As many of you already know, your iPhone can connect to the Internet using mobile data network (the one offered by the SIM card inserted into the slot) or wireless network Wifi, faster and without costly restrictions on the megabyte download.

But perhaps not everyone knows that from time to time, because of the increasingly high number of WiFi devices, the iPhone's IP address may conflict with another device which for one reason or another is using the same IP address. Conflict can lead to a marked slowdown in the data download speed up to total block of the connection, making it impossible to surf or download e-mail via Wifi. But how do we fix this?
Fortunately this is not a serious problem, and the IP address conflict is on the agenda in the information landscape. A good prevention is ideal, and should also be in possession of a next-generation Wi-Fi router can handle in a proper and immediate all wireless connections nearby. But if the problem has already appeared, then we should all despair.

First, let's tap the Settings icon located in the Spring Board of our iPhone. Let the voice on the Wifi connections and choose the network you are currently connected. Done? Perfect, at this point you should see a summary screen that lists in detail all the information on the active connection, as the DNS in use, the address of the router, the IP address and subnet mask.

If there is a conflict going on, we must not become crazy to restart the router or the iPhone, but we just do tap on the button "Renew Lease" located just below. In this way, it will hold the connection to the WiFi router, but will change the IP address in order to avoid further conflicts with the device connected to the same wireless network.

Another way to avoid having conflicts of IP addresses is to use static IP addresses, but this is the procedure that we suggest only if you use the iPhone within the home network, and not with other WiFi networks. If then the router settings allow it, we can activate automatic IP address assignment by MacAddress device.