how to change samsung keyboard to hand writing mode

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How to change your Samsung Galaxy keyboard

Changing the keyboard in Android is very simple. Also, since you can have more than one installed simultaneously, you can change them depending on the use you want to give them or even configure each one for a different language. Doing this will not take more than a few clicks on the screen.

1: Choose a new keyboard
On Google Play you can find keyboards for all tastes, uses, and writing styles. You just have to decide for yourself. You may find it useful to check out this list of the best keyboards on Google Play. When you have decided on one, download it and install it on your Android.

2: Install the new keyboard
Some keyboards, once installed, are activated automatically and you can start using them. Others, however, have to activate and configure them before they can be used. To do this, go to Settings and look for the Language entry and text entry. In this option you can change the language of the phone menus and configure the installed keyboards. Click on the Default option to activate the keyboard you just installed on your smartphone.

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