i want run my samsung j7 phone fastly

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asked Aug 9, 2017 by anonymous

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How to make your Android run faster?

There comes a point in the life of our Smartphone we notice that it is getting slower, and this is something that can be quite annoying, since one of the first things we asked our mobile, is it fast .

So, if you're suffering with your mobile due to the slow performance when opening applications or attempting to take any action, here are some tricks that can help you improve the speed of it.

No widgets

We put widgets on the desktop is something that draws much attention, and so many people that fill the screen with different widgets.

If it is true that they are very useful as they help you to access different applications and information easily and quickly, but this fact can affect the speed of Smartphone in general.Es why it is important just to have the minimum widgets and necessary.

close applications

Maybe you do not know, but each has its own Smartphone key to view all the applications you've recently opened and continue running in the background. And, often after using an application, you click the button "back" and go.

Performing this action does not close the application completely, which is important from time to time click to access the light of recent applications so we can go closing them one by one. This addition to save battery will help to streamline all processes.

eliminates applications

It is likely to go slowly filling our Android terminal with various applications and end use. Moreover, it is also likely to have multiple applications that serve the same purpose.

That's why, occasionally stopping to look good that we have on mobile applications and eliminate all unused because, the fine and after only being used memory space and slow down your phone.

Still image as background

Although it is nice to have animated wallpaper, this consumes a lot of battery and speed of it, which is recommended to use still images as wallpaper or screensaver.

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