How to restart the Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge when it freezes

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asked Jul 23, 2016 by anonymous
All electronic device freezes once, even faster and better processor. No matter you spend 800 euros on a smartphone, at some point it will freeze. Even if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 will be frozen. What created in such a case? Since you can not remove the battery, we tell you how you can reset it.

So far, all the flagships of the  Samsung®  company,Samsung® Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, had had the opportunity to remove the battery, even in cases where we were talking about waterproof phones. So when the phone froze, customers continually flocked to the battery, took off and were relocating, and mobile began. The problem is that the Samsung® Galaxy S6 is developed in metal and glass, and removing the battery is not possible, at least not for a client who does not want to spend many hours removing the smartphone, so you have to investigate other ways to restart the mobile in case of frostbite.

Hold down the power button
Even before the Samsung® Galaxy S allowed to restart the mobile in this way. To turn a smartphone is not essential having to type the off button and then check by touching the screen. If you hold down the power button Mobile for about ten (10) seconds, the mobile power will disappear and will go off, and can turn it on again, rerunning the operating system and the interface and thus solving any freeze Interface. So, you only have to create it out of a freezer. Of course, continuously and when the lock is not more serious. Sometimes, even typing it with this button, you can create what then?

Reset Button
There is a combination of buttons on the Samsung® Galaxy S6 that allows you to reset the smartphone. It is, yes, a "soft-reset", so for practical purposes be as restarting the smartphone, without losing all the data on it. To do this, you only have to type and hold the volume down buttons, the primary button Samsung® Galaxy S6, which is the fingerprint reader, and with these the power button for a few seconds. Remember that we must hold the buttons, be sure to press them until they have not passed those few seconds.

one window informing you to install a Custom ROM has its problems -because this is what must be created for when you want to install a Custom ROM- appears. Since we do not want to install a Custom ROM, press the volume down button for mobile can be started normally.

With these two ways, you can restart the Samsung® Samsung® Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge when frozen without any problem.

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answered Aug 9 by Andrew Carlow
How do I force my Samsung Galaxy S6 to reboot or restart when the screen is frozen or the device is locked up?
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