How to fix the Camera error on samsung galaxy A12

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asked Nov 30, 2021 by anonymous

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answered Nov 30, 2021 by osky (4,900 points)

Restart cell

Press and hold the Power button and select the "Restart" option. If the cell phone camera doesn't work, this is the simplest and most common solution.

Fix Camera app (Restart APP)

  • Open System Settings.
  • Choose Applications ("All applications").
  • Select «Camera».
  • "Force closing"
  • Go to «Storage».
  • Touch on «Delete data».

This resets or reboots the cell phone camera (the application) to its original settings. It is one of the most effective solutions.

Alternative camera APP

The warning Error in camera in any cell phone, including the Samsung Galaxy brand, usually appears because there is a bug in the software. It is usually easy to fix. Many times a simple restart of the computer is enough.

In case rebooting does not fix the error, there are some procedures that can be tried, such as those listed below.

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