How to fix the "Camera error" on Maxwest Orbit 3000

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asked Jul 4, 2016 by anonymous
How can I fix

How can I fix "Camera error" on my Maxwest Orbit 3000 Android phone?

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answered Jul 4, 2016 by anonymous

If you notice error appears on camera to open the camera application on your phone Samsung Galaxy and you can not use it to take pictures or record video, you probably just a problem involved in the Android system or the default camera application, something that can be fixed easily by implementing the solutions below.

But before doing anything, first check that your device has enough battery since most Android phones do not allow you to use the camera when the battery is low (15% or less battery).

Solution 1: Fix the camera application

Opens the general settings of your Android (slide down the top bar on the screen and tap on the figure of a gear). Then, choose Applications Manager> All> House and there touches on the "Force Stop" button. It also touches on the "Clear Cache" button and "Clear data". Reboot your phone and check if the camera is fixed.

Solution 2: Clear the cache partition

Turn off your phone. Once off, then hold the same buttons Volume Up, Power and Home. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but do not release the other two. You will enter a special mode called Galaxy Samsung "Recovery". There lies the "Wipe Cache Partition" option with the volume down button, select this option with the power button.

Solution 3: Go to Safe Mode

Turn off the Samsung Galaxy and switch on normally: During the ignition process hold down the volume down button until the phone starts in Safe Mode (at the bottom of the screen the words "Safe Mode" should appear). In this mode only factory applications are loaded device and user applications are disabled: if the camera does work well in this way means that any application that you installed is the problem. Uninstall all applications that think they are causing problems.

Solution 4: Install an alternative camera application

It is possible that the camera application you are using is faulty. Download from the Play Store another camera app as Google Camera or any other that has good grades.

Solution 5: Reset the factory settings

Unlike the first four options, this solution will leave your device as new and will erase everything you've saved or set to it. Be careful to make a backup or backup of your phone. Done that, go to the settings of your Android, option "Backup and Restore" and there choose "Reset factory settings".

If the camera module is damaged

If none of the above works, then surely it is a failure on the part or camera module. Here it is more practical to take your phone to a technical service to replace this piece.

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