How do I fix error 403 on Android Phone?

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Error 403

In the network it is common that we find errors. In the same way, when operating our Android device it is common for errors to occur that are not properly due to the device malfunctioning, as well as in the network, this is not due to Android, but to other causes often generated from the Google Play itself. The good news is that the solution is very simple and you can do it from your own device, this way you will solve many errors, such as the "Prohibited Application", Android 403 error or "Forbidden 403 error".

Knowing the cause sometimes helps to understand not only the solution, but also why these errors are logged. The error of the Prohibited Application is due, among other possible causes, to the fact that Google works with some protection measures for the benefit of the user. When some user procedures may seem suspicious to Google Play, such as having two accounts, it makes you think that a third party tries to intercept the user's privacy, therefore it disables certain actions and registers them as errors. Although it is necessary to clarify that this error can also be generated by other causes.

In the case of error 403, the solution is simple ...

  1. Discarding an update for one of the applications in use, normally, this procedure solves problems in relation to downloads.

If this first measure does not work, follow the procedure ...

  • Go to the settings menu and click on applications
  • Then go to "All" or "All"
  • Then you go to Google Store
  • There, you choose "Force Stop", stop forcibly
  • Perform the "Clear data" or Data Erase
  • You return to the menu and enter Google "Services Framework"
  • You go back to the “Force Stop” option
  • And again you give in Clear data “Clear data”
  • Finally restart the computer.

After this, you can enter Google Play and install the application that presented the "Prohibited Request" error, Android 403 error.

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