How to cancel subscriptions in the Google Play Store

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With the rise of subscriptions, many developers take advantage of them. Do you want to avoid being overcharged? So you can cancel them.

In the Google Play Store applications and paid games never abounded since those of this system never went to spend money on software; hence the freemium model has proliferated: ads and purchases in the application. And within that model there is a growing trend that is becoming increasingly relevant: subscriptions.

In general, it is logical to subscribe to services such as Netflix, Spotify or YouTube Premium as they offer us access to content in exchange for a monthly payment; there are applications that allow you to unlock tools at the cost of paying a subscription; and there are apps that seek to subscribe the user without realizing it in order to charge them every month, often in a way that is not too transparent.

Applications that include a subscription service usually give a few days of testing so that anyone can know whether or not they are interested in the added services. And of course, as they are not canceled before the end of the test, Google Play will charge us the stipulated cost of the subscription. But don't worry: it's easy to cancel at any time in a simple way.

Access the subscription section of Google Play and discover all the ones you have active, you can also cancel them

Any subscription will establish a period of time after which the Google Play Store will charge you the amount indicated by the developer. There are monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions; with different test periods depending on what the person creating the app wants to establish. In this trial period you will not be charged any cent, so you can unsubscribe at any time (we recommend that you cancel the subscription as soon as you start it) and enjoy the services until the first planned payment. The same happens if they already charged you: if you cancel the subscription you will continue to enjoy it until the end.

Let's get to the point: how to cancel subscriptions on Android? The method is the following:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Swipe the left side menu and click on the Subscriptions option.
  • You will see the subscriptions you have active: you should check it frequently.
  • Click on the subscription you want to unsubscribe: the message Cancel subscription appears below.
  • As we noted, the canceled subscription will continue to work until the date you have to renew it.

Remember to always keep the password when shopping, so you will know if you are subscribing to something by mistake. Read the conditions carefully and make sure there is a trial period before accepting. And whenever you activate one of these trial periods, you immediately cancel the subscription: this way you will avoid any possible payment.

Can the amount of a subscription already charged be refunded?

Just as purchases keep a period eligible for return, subscriptions also accept returns. Of course, Google is more strict with these types of requests, so it may not return your money. To obtain the return of subscriptions you must do the following:

  • If you noticed the payment before 48 hours, go to this Google Play page and look for the subscription subscription.
  • Click on the three points at the end and then on Request a refund.
  • Google will study the case and will refund the amount charged for the subscription if it deems appropriate.
  • If more than 48 hours have elapsed since the subscription is charged, you only have to contact the developer: go to the app's tab in Google Play, go down to the company data and look for the creator's email. Send an email explaining the situation and wait.

Given the rise of subscriptions, and that more and more developers hide the charges so that users do not realize that we subscribe, the best recommendation is to always read the purchase messages several times. And do not hesitate to visit the subscription area in the Google Play application frequently: at the slightest suspicion, cancel.

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