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It is perhaps a situation that all of us who have a mobile phone have gone through or are going to go through at some point. With screens that get bigger and bigger and thinner and thinner terminals, the danger that they will be destroyed in a accidental fall is always greater.

If we are already in a similar situation to the one we are describing, the first thing we want is to recover the data that is on the mobile "so it can happen". What is the problem? Well, we have the device locked with a password and there is no other way - such as a fingerprint - to unlock it.

What can we do if the screen does not respond to our touches?

In the first place, to avoid cutting our fingers, a quick solution that usually works, and even returns some sensitivity to the screen, is to cover it with a plastic protector or, simply, with a transparent adhesive layer to hold all the parts of the screen and no more chunks falling off.

This is the first step and now how do we access the terminal? Because if we connect the blocked mobile phone to the computer, as a general rule, it will not recognize it and it must first be unlocked. From here we have to say that it is something that is only possible on Android terminals and with a version superior to KitKat that is fully compatible with the USB OTG (USB On The Go) standard. This will allow us, through the mini or micro USB of our smartphone, which is the standard connector of the vast majority of devices currently - although the new ones are already starting to bring USB Type C -, we can connect both external storage systems. as peripherals. Of course, we must also ensure that our mobile is compatible with OTG, because not all are, for this,

That is why we will need a mini-USB to USB or micro-USB to USB adapter, depending on the connection of our mobile. Now we will have to rescue a mouse that has USB, wireless works but it is better to look for one with a cable, and connect it to the mobile. At that time, the cursor will appear on the screen and with it we can dial the PIN or write on the virtual keyboard of the mobile to enter the applications or services necessary to connect the device to the computer and download all the content.

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