How to get free spins in Coin Master

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Free spins in Coin Master

Coin Master is a very popular game, combining the chance of a slot machine with the construction, attack and looting of villages. Many times we will want to get free spins for the machine, as all progress depends on it.

We have already introduced some general Coin Master tricks, and now we will focus on one of the most delicate aspects. Coin Master will try to get us to buy spins with real money, and the prices are not cheap at all, but the goal is to avoid it.

Of course, we must think that Coin Master is a game of chance, and that its intention is that we make micro-payments. You can get free spins if we know how, but within limits.

Add Facebook friends
The most effective system to get free spins is to invite friends to join the Coin Master, since each of them will report 40 additional spins to us. Unfortunately, sending the invitation is not enough, the other person must join via Facebook to reach us.

If we do not have acquaintances to play, or we want to repeat the process several times, the alternative would be to create Facebook accounts to get these free spins (which we will not use later, of course), although each one will need an associated email account.

On the other hand, adding contacts to Coin Master makes it possible to exchange gifts with coins and spins, so it is quite beneficial. The game tries to go viral, so it encourages us to make it known to other people.

Play slots and finish villages

One of the slot machine prizes consists of free spins, and it comes out with some frequency, something that we should take advantage of. They can also exit by accumulating objects, and by completing all the buildings in the village, allowing them to pass to the next one.

Not surprisingly, we'll never win more spins than we spend, but overall Coin Master is pretty generous. Since they are the foundation of the game, there would be no point in limiting them to the point of becoming frustrating either.

Therefore, if we do not have spins and the coins arrive to finish the current village, we can probably continue playing for free after receiving the bonus for changing levels.

Look at the ads

When all the runs run out and reject the offers to buy more, an icon will appear in the lower right area (slot screen) to see an advertising video, almost always 30 seconds.

Seeing it whole will give us 1 additional roll, which will not help much, but at least it is free, and perhaps it will allow us to finish some pending objective, which in turn will reward us with more rolls.

Wait for them to recharge

Every 60 minutes of time in the real world (not in the game) we will be recharged 5 spins. That is to say, in 10 hours we will have reached the limit of the meter, and no more can be accumulated.

If we want to play Coin Master for free, we have to keep an eye on the number of spins, and spend them as soon as possible, to keep getting more. The app encourages us to access several times a day, to "get hooked", so it rewards consistency.

For example, if we only open the game once a day, it would give us 50 spins, but doing it several times the number goes up to the maximum of 120 free spins a day.

Attention to offers and discounts

It is clear that someone has to make micropayments for Coin Master to be a free download, but we must be careful with some of its practices. It will always show us offers of coins, spins and other objects, with a time limit.

It is looking for us to make an impulsive purchase, but really the game is always launching offers and savings packs, so we will not be missing any opportunity.

Finally, if we have exhausted all the free spins and really feel like continuing to play, to the point of being willing to pay real money, maybe we should reflect on it.

More and more titles use dynamics typical of casinos and betting houses, causing micropayments to begin to be regulated in some countries, so we must be careful.

Although it is true that with free spins you can play Coin Master for a long time, the 254 villages that it includes make it almost endless, so there is no point in being overwhelmed by advancing in the game.

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