How to change keyboard on Blu Vivo 5

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asked Jun 16, 2016 by anonymous
How can I change keyboard on my Blu Vivo 5 Android phone?

How can I change keyboard on my Blu Vivo 5 Android phone?

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answered Jun 16, 2016 by anonymous

1: Choose a new keyboard

In Google Play you can find keyboards for all tastes, customs, and writing styles. So just decide on one. You may find it useful to consult this list of the best keyboards of Google Play .When you have decided on one, download and install on your Android.

2: Install the new keyboard

Some keyboards , after installed, are automatically activated and you can already start using them. Others instead, you have to enable and configure before you can use them. To do this , go to Settings and seeks input language and text input . In this option you can change the language for phone menus and configure installed keyboards . Click on the option Default to activate the keyboard you just installed on your smartphone.

3: Set the keyboard

Section keyboards and input methods , keyboards have listed installed on your smartphone or tablet . When you install a new keyboard , the above is not uninstalled. So you can always go back to it if the new keyboard of your smartphone does not convince. Set the keyboard of your Android is very simple. In this section, click the cogwheel representing the configuration options, keyboard you want to configure. You can configure both the language -specific keyboard, as its size or color settings.

4: Change keyboard quickly

After having each keyboard configured correctly. You can change them quickly as you type. All keyboards enable a key to the left of the space bar, from which making a long press accesses the text input options. In these options you can change both the language and the full keyboard. That way you can quickly switch keyboard without getting lost in the menus of your smartphone .

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By default Android terminals include one or two keyboards that can be used, and we refer to this design as the language is not exactly a problem because usually both Spanish and English are installed by default. The fact is that could be desired to change the keyboard you have or try a new one . This is just what we will explain.

As will be seen this is not a complex process nor have danger for your phone or tablet being used, since everything is done is completely reversible (using the same steps but undoing what has been executed). In addition, the integrity of the information is stored or Android device itself is not threatened by a change of keyboard.

Change Keyboard

By the way, as we discussed the possibility, long ago, to install new keyboards on devices with the operating system Google and, for this article to be much more useful, we provide three free options that simply must be installed as an application normal. Then, to choose it must follow the steps for changing the keyboard in question and that is specifically what we talked about.

SwiftKey keyboard

Price: Free * 


+ Emoji keyboard Fleksy

Price: Free * 


Google Keyboard

Price: Free 

Steps to follow

The following are what you have to do to change on an Android device keyboard using their own options offered by the operating system of Google, so it is not necessary to resort to third party developers to make things properly and not problems are:

  • Open System Settings by using the gear-shaped icon is in the shortcut bar (which is what unfolds to see notifications from the top). The exact location where this option is top right.
  • Now search option called Language and input, which is in the System section
  • Apart from being able to choose the language you want to use, you could change the keyboard used by tapping default keyboard (or similar, could vary if you have a custom user interface)
  • A new window with the options appears and you simply must choose the one that you want to use either Google's own if you have installed one of which we have provided before. Apart it is simple, since the name is accompanied in each case.
  • That done, simply you must close the Settings and when you go to write a new message or email, you will see the new interface and its options
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